Addison Feldane
Addison's Vitals
Name: Addison
Pack: Feldane
Rank: Prey
Temperament: Huggy, goth-y, insane.
Themesong: Street Spirit by Radiohead
Gerard Way as Sir Addison Dare Feldane

Sir Addison Dare Feldane is the youngest son of Duchess Irene Feldane and Duke Basil Dare, and the elder brother of Dame Captain Taleyn Feldane. After his eldest brother Stuart died in a duel, he became the Spare of Feldane, or the second in line to inherit the Dukedom. Raised and living a perfectly normal and sane life as a lawyer and law professor in Begma, he was summoned back to Amber by his mother for breakfast one day and never quite attained the status of able to have a proper breakfast. Soon afterward, he was sent up to the Palace to serve as Royal Counsel for first Regent, then King Corwin I. He was Knighted by Brand for his research on the Old Ones and the origins of the universe, and married Princess Rosalynd of Amber, Princess Florimel's daughter.

Currently, he is serving as the head of Amber's Military Intelligence Office for Princess Deirdre which, under him, focuses on paranormal research. He also performs whatever administrative Crown-related tasks Brand requests. As a full necromancer, Addison manifests the Feldane madness. He speaks to invisible things and has bouts of expansive mania and crushing depression. He tends to believe he's the Angel of Death and claims to have the soul of his dead Aunt in a fountain pen.

Addison is never scary until he very suddenly, quite unexpectedly, occasionally is.

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