Adelgar Bloodclaw
Adelgar's Vitals
Name: Adelgar
Pack: Bloodclaw
Rank: Alpha
Temperament: Gruff
Themesong: TBD
James Purefoy as Adelgar Bloodclaw

Adelgar is one of the older living Weir - and still going strong. A prince of Weirmonken, he is best known for having helped broker the surrender of the Weir to Amber - and also for his hatred of nearly every noble or royal in Amber. He is further known to have never broken his word, once given - though he is not above deceit and trickery, especially in war. His oath at the surrender of the Weir - to serve the throne of Amber and the regency of Weirmonken loyally - is one of the reasons that few seem overly troubled by his open detestment of practically anyone connected to Oberon. It is interesting to note that while Eric was credited with defeating the Weir, it was Benedict that Adelgar surrendered his men to.

Adelgar was responsible for the first Weir troops that came to Amber to aid in the War against the Black Road. Currently, he is back in Weirmonken, taking care of a few things in his pack. And by that, we mean adding more Johan-shaped holes in the walls of his home.

Known Family
Johan: Militant brother
Belinda and Elsa: The two sisters that keep Adelgar and Johan from killing each other.
Enkidu: Nephew
Rae Shadowdancer: Fool and Seer, not blood related.

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