Alander Shadowdancer
Alander's Vitals
Name: Alander
Pack: Shadowdancer
Rank: Blooded
Temperament: Impish
Themesong: tbd
{$Actor} as Alander Shadowdancer

Alander is the youngest child of the Shadowdancer Alpha, brother to Niklas and Rae. While he holds the Shadowdancer ability for trouble-making, trouble-finding, and trouble-escaping, there is also a deep seriousness to the young Weir. It is of strong opinion that Alander will take over the role of leadership from his father one moon, when age catches up with Izaak. A day, Alander hopes, is still far away. Both militant and mystical, Alander is in possession of a strong hand, tempered by a soft heart.

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