Argus Sarcina

The Argus Sarcina are an elite group of Weir that swear their lives to provide protection to their assigned Charges. The group was formed by Eric during his reign as Regent of Weirmonken. The Argus, as they're more commonly called, are devoted guardians to whatever Charge they've been assigned be it a person, a place or even a thing. When without a specific Charge an Argus is not without duty. They guard the halls and the grounds of the spire or, in some cases, are allowed to travel home to serve as a watchman for their pack. Argus tend to be the biggest, strongest and meanest men and women that Weirmonken has to offer though there are exceptions made for those that show great skill. It's said that if you're shown mercy by an Argus to take it quickly and quietly… such a thing is rare.

Recently the internal structure of the Argus has been altered. In the past none bore rank or title and their hierarchy was based on skill, age and respect. It still is save for the Argus Prime. Wherein all Argus used to report to the Regent directly they now report to the Argus Prime and he handles all assignments.

The Argus live by only one rule. Protect your Charge at all costs even if this includes your own life.

Current Roster

  • Helga is currently Argus Prime.


NPC Argus


Helga is one of the eldest Argus still serving. Some say she was one of the first and was chosen by Eric himself. She doesn't seem very large compared to the other Argus. Just barely over five feet tall she's lithe and graceful like a dancer… and as pretty as one too. Many young Argus have learned the hard way that you don't mess with Helga. She may be little but she's no slouch when it comes to hand to hand combat. In fact she oversaw the training of new recruits at the Spire before taking the position of Argus Prime. Over the years some have come to call her 'Mama' affectionately despite her never having children of her own.

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