Arianne's Vitals
Name: Arianne
Pack: Icemane
Rank: Blooded
Temperament: Charming/bitchy, has a temper
Themesong: Metallica - Broken, Beat and Scarred
Kate Beckinsale as Arianne Bayle

Arianne spent a great deal of the first two centuries of her life split between Amber and Weirmonken, believing herself the daughter of a Moonsong and his mate. Some time after her father died, she discovered that she is actually twin to Zane, and is the daughter of Danica, rather than the parents she grew up knowing.

She was back in Weirmonken for just four months before she was exiled, the second time in that space of time that it happened. She was also heard to say, however, that she had decided to banish herself before Emrys declared it to be official. Her exile was lifted, and she seemed to be working with the Regency instead of against it, enough so that Emrys had named her Burgrave of Misen.

Outside of Weirmonken, she's an assassin, a widow, Queen of the Winter half of a shadow called Arcadia, mother to twin pups named Gabriella and Angela, and was recently named Baroness of Bayle.

Arianne disappeared from Misen one day, and was absent for many months. The post abandoned, Misen has since become the home to the Ulfrike in the absence of the Silverspire. She showed up suddenly, with no memory of herself prior to awakening in Arcadia.

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