Arusi's Vitals
Name: Arusi
Pack: Shadowdancer
Rank: Prey
Temperament: Quiet and thoughtful, and yet quite commanding in a mysterious way.
Themesong: {$Themesong}
Sodgerel as Arusi of the Raftbourne

A new arrival to Weirmonken, this woman of Ghenesh has arrived with a Weir, Suri, to find the possible lost heritage of her father. Only a few facts are known to Arusi who was raised by a woman of the Raftbourne when she was found, lost from her true mother. She knows he was Weir, that he and her mother were mated (at least she thinks!), and that she has a necklace that was given to her mother by he that has a carved tooth on a leather thong.

Besides Suri, she is often found in the company of a large spotted feline who goes by the name of Bao who keeps close to her.

For now, she seems intrigued by what she discovers here in Weirmonken, though she often travels back to Amber City where she is working on making trade arrangements between Merchants and her own people of Ghenesh.

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