Aryn's Vitals
Name: Aryn
Pack: None
Rank: Exile
Temperament: Otherworldly
Themesong: None
Helena Bonham Carter as Aryn

Until recently, Aryn was reclusive to the point of invisibility in Weirmonken. Shortly after Rae Shadowdancer took ill with the Black Road affliction, Aryn appeared at the Weir encampment in Arden, an aged-looking gaunt creature with an otherworldly detachment, wearing rags and bones. Since then she has begun meeting people and learning the ways of men (as defined by Amber).

A Dreamwalker and healer, she is a powerful creature in the Dreaming, much more so than her physical form would suggest.

Recently, she has exiled herself from Weirmoken. As such, she is no longer to be considered a Shadowdancer, and the title of Baksi that was once hers has been removed. She is married to Gawain.

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