The Black Road War

Weirmonken has seen a lot of changes in its lifetime, but those of recent days have been a mixed blessing to the Weir. The Black Road has been evicted from the Shadow, but the price of doing so may be considered too high by some. Through a union of allied forces brought in from Shadow and Amber, the Weir were able to defeat high value targets and keep the ancient Forest King from being dethroned and replaced by a corrupted Black King. The howls of victory were many in the woods, but in some corners, there was only quiet.

Sometime after the Wild Magic of Weirmonken began to settle back into its normal state, scouting parties discovered that not all of the Weir made it out of the conflicts with just the physical and emotional scars of battle. Whole clans have been eradicated, and the Weir haven't been at full strength in centuries, already.

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