BLD-WE And You!!

Staff has added a clarification to BLD-WE which some of you may have noticed, and some might not. I'll pause my typing to allow you to go look at it…. Find it? No, here, let me point out the new part.

" Given a primal and powerful ancestry, the character has mastered the sway the moon holds over lesser beings of such a nature, and thus may turn into a wolf at will, with a few moments' concentration."

That's right. We're still awesome; we're still Weir, and our mastery over the sway of the moon is still in place. What has been clarified is that the act of shapeshifting is a conscious one; it takes effort on our part, even if only a few moments.

What this boils down to is that you should not be shapeshifting in the middle of combat. Doing so will distract you from the acts of combat to the point you would be skewered because you can't pay enough attention to stop the sword coming at you or the spear thrown in your direction. If you are in one form, and want to be in the other for the fight, then shapeshift before the conflict, or find a way to flee the field of combat and gain safety first. Otherwise, expected to be sliced in two.

Likewise, you should not have shapeshifting into or out of wolf form in a pose with other actions. Give the people around you a chance to react. No going from wolf to man and drawing your sword and attacking in one pose. No going from cleaning off your dagger to being a wolf and running away in a single pose. Try to dedicate one pose just to the shifting itself, as anything else in conjunction to it is something others should have a chance to react to and possibly interrupt.

We're all an awesome group, but remember that MUSHing is a collaborative effort and other people have stories too. Even dragons and birds take a moment to do their transformations.

If you have any questions in regards to BLD-WE or the Weir culture or abilities, feel free to ask Niklas, Rae, or Staff. We'll be happy to work out the answers with you.

- WeirPropCos

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