Blukhav is a dark and forbidding place, full of overgrown ruins and nasty spirits. It has been made a Viscountcy under the control of the Regency of Weirmonken, with Rae Shadowdancer named Viscountess.

A blood moon rises in full in a sky of shifting, inky nature - like the orb of red-silver floated in sea of pitch over which dark and ambiguous shapes glided over, casting their shadows upon the surface. Stars refuse to shine here, though they're hinted at in the pinpricks of not-so-darkness in the firmament - eyes of dark gods staring down, unblinking. Beneath the dark sky, a twisted grove of trees rises up from dark earth, their branches rubbing against each other with eerie intent, a sylvan whispering of discontent. The small dirt path, criss-crossed with odd shadows that don't move in chorus with that which cast them, leads into the grove from a deeper forest, leading right to a pair of crimson trees twined around each other.

Kept clear of fallen leaves, though in truth there seem to be few leaves to fall in the grove, and lending a well-kept air to this hidden place, is a simple altar of rough stone. The single block of rock is pressed against the tree and their root-bound bricks, serpentine runes scrawled on its surface.

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