Character Ideas

Right now, we are not accepting any new pack/clan ideas, in hopes of filling out those already established. If you'd like to play a Weir and your concept does not fit with one of the packs, we will gladly work with you to see what can be done. If you plan on pitching a new Pack, please expect to be asked to flesh out the idea around them and provide a write-up, as the other Packs have.

Some basic, desired character ideas are:

  • Archivist
  • Members of the Elite Guard
  • Pack Seconds
  • Those formerly trapped in the Silverspire
  • Animal Trainers
  • Political Hopefuls/Ambassador

What we're not looking for is the 'lone wolf' concept. Sitting by yourself in the corner all the time doesn't generate much RP, after all.

Also, it should be of note that Weir, when they do not die by violence, typically live about 500-600 years. Please remember this while writing up your background. Reaching this age is a bit rare, given the lifestyle of the Weir.

Weir are also typically slightly taller than Amberites, and many have some trait that makes them obviously 'other', from slightly elongated canines to the coloring of their eyes.

Before Apping for a Weir, please read the following: The Weir - A Warning, BLD-WE and You and WEI-AM/WEI-LE and You.

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