Danica Icemane
Danica's Vitals
Name: Danica
Pack: Icemane
Rank: Blooded
Temperament: Icy
Themesong: Born to Run
Angelina Jolie as Danica Icemane

Danica is not much older than her two oldest children, being some number of years younger than her mate Tyrus. Danica was raised during a difficult time of restructuring and repopulating after the war. Times were difficult and the girls natural talent at running was turned to the advantage of the pack as she started to run messages at a very young age. When her mother died of a particularly virulent disease, her father tried to convince her to leave the pack and follow him to Amber. She refused and moved in with the cousin who would later adopt Arianne. Danica caught Tyrus' eye after a great deal of effort on her part. He chased her and it was widely suspected that she let him catch her. Her other children are Alexis and Roman.

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