Emma's Vitals
Name: Emma
Pack: Moonsong-Associated
Rank: Necromancer, Berater
Temperament: Fireball
Themesong: Path - Apocalyptica
Simone Simons as Emma Paige Feldane

Emma is not Weir; rather, she was married to Saul Windchaser until he returned to Weirmonken to pursue the path of a shaman and the marriage was ended. Despite this, she still maintains close ties with the Regency and many Weir. She's known to be a necromancer of some skill.

Her roles are many: Adviser to Regent of Weirmonken, Brigadier in the Amber Royal Marines, Royal Necromancer, duelist, tutor, and Champion. Emma's known to have an affinity for kittens and other helpless little creatures.

Emma has been seen less often in the Silverspire of late.

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