Emrys Moonsong
Emrys's Vitals
Name: Emrys
Pack: Moonsong
Rank: Alpha; Prince of Amber
Temperament: Brutal, cuddly, regal.
Themesong: The Howling - Within Temptation
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as Emrys Moonsong

Emrys was appointed the Acting Regent of Weirmonken, following the disappearance of his father, Prince Eric of Amber. Eventually, the 'acting' was dropped from the title and he was given the Regency in full. A familiar face in Arden, he also holds the rare rank of Ranger Captain. He is known in Amber and Weirmonken alike, moving between them with frequency. However, under the rule of King Benedict the Regency of Weirmonken was given to Julian as part of the Regency of Arden. Then, shortly after, the Regency was abolished and made into a nation in its own right.

It's whispered that while he can be a cruel presence for those who disappoint him, and he can also be a staunch ally. Others say he's more than one wolf short of a pack hunt and his experiments in the Silverspire will get everyone killed.

Elijah, Saul, and Niamh have all claimed to be his children at some point in time, though the recent arrival of Kirra seems to mark her the oldest.. Faelin was taken as his mate.

Emrys went missing, just as Eric was rescued from the forces of Order. Some whisper that the son sacrificed himself for the father, and has suffered a death that not even a Weir can return from.

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