Prince Eric of Amber

Over three centuries ago, the Weir made their second incursion into Amber lands with the intention of War. They were led by the Stardancer, a religious figure who had set himself up as a god, and their war was a holy one. Most references as to the cause of this holy war are now lost, with the majority of those who fought in the war now dead on the Weir side, and written references are confusing and often misleading. This can be found somewhat in GL-Weir/4 and GL-Weir/1.

Amber, already disinclined to like the Weir due to their first war, sent Eric and the armies of Amber out to meet the Weir in battle. It was there that Eric slew the Dancer and lead Amber to victory. Thinking the Weir to be a large problem, Amber went on and conquered Weirmonken, placing it under their thumb as a Regency. For his efforts, Eric was granted the Regency of Weirmonken.

The start of the Regency was a terrible time for the Weir. In a land where nightmares themselves rule the dark forests, the Weir had for centuries been the top of the food chain. They were vicious terrors who controlled their lands through fear and sheer power of arms. But when Eric came, he made them Prey. He would hunt the Weir for sport and never were they able to force him out of Weirmonken, though many tried. Oh how they tried, and oh how they were hunted down and delivered Final Death at the end of Eric's silver blade. Their numbers began to dwindle.

Realizing that the Weir could not survive their rebellion, the Alpha Prime of the Moonsong pack, Abelard bent knee to the Regent and pledged his pack to support Eric. This was the first sign of Weirmonken becoming subservient to Amber, and was likely the only thing that saved them from extermination. With Moonsong bending knee, others soon followed; and those that didn't are barely whispers of history, for nothing of them is left to remember their names. (Also referenced in GL-Weir/4, though there's a bit more to this for those who wish to investigate).

Eric was a hard and firm regent throughout his tenure in Weirmonken. Slights and law breaking were punished swiftly, brutally, and permanently. Eric spoke the language of the Weir - violence and terror - and proved himself to be more adept at its use than the Weir themselves. He took a wife from the Moonsongs, Abelard's own daughter, and from her sired two children (Emrys, and then Tristan), a little over three centuries ago.

While Eric was Warden of Arden, he began to use the Weir as his own personal army. They were mixed in amongst the Rangers to patrol the darker sides of Arden, the Deep places where men and angels fear to tread. He used the Weir against his own siblings. Remember, it was Weir that tracked down and captured Deirdre, a battle hardened princess of Amber. The Weir are that Awesome, but Eric was more so. Each pack felt a little different about being the favored dogs of their new Regent.

To the Moonsongs, Eric was their best hope of keeping their people (all Weir) from the brink of extermination. They realized that Amber could wipe them all out and erase references to them, so none were left to remember their names or the noble natures of a proud people. Moonsong served the Regent out of respect and fear.

Bloodclaw rippled with rage at serving anyone. They still remembered through their history and legends that the Weir were once the favored servants of something grand and glorious, the left and right hands of the creator gods. And keenly they still felt the betrayal at being left by those same gods. They did not wish another betrayal, for fear that their people could not take it.

The Icemanes had a slightly different look on things. They remembered the same legends and longed to be the Knights of something Greater that they imagined the Weir were once before. Eric gave them a new sense of purpose, and in the quiet recess of Weirmonken and their souls, they worshiped him as their new god and welcomed his commands.

For the Shadowdancers, one thing was immediately obvious: Eric was not one to play tricks on. They respected him for the Warleader he was, and did as they were told somewhat quietly.

For the Moonfall, the other magic and trickster clan, Eric was reviled. He was directly responsible for the near-extinction of their clan. The very few Moonfall left did not serve Eric.

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