Faelin Moonsong
Faelin's Vitals
Name: Faelin
Pack: Moonsong
Rank: Huntsman
Temperament: Faelin is humor with sharp edges. A cynical hedonist, she seems to find very little that is not transitory in value. Including life, friendship, love. In fact, perhaps, especially these things
Themesong: My 16th Apology - Shakespear's Sister
Unknown as Faelin Moonsong

Faelin has been Huntsman for the Weir regency for some long years. Her responsibilities include the keeping of the menagerie in Silverspire as well as both acquiring and properly documenting the weak points of the various beasts within. She is of the Moonsong clan and is known, at least by reputation, to be of a rather capricious and very possibly off-putting personality. Mercy, especially of the social type, does not seem to be part of her make up. It's also become somewhat known that she is of Moonfall blood, something rare after their supposed extinction.

Recently, the Regent Emrys has claimed her as his Mate.

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