Gilgamesh Karm
Gilgamesh's Vitals
Name: Gilgamesh
Pack: Adopted by the Windchasers
Rank: Not exactly Prey
Temperament: Good natured, with a side of mischief
Themesong: Requiem for a Tower by Clint Mansel
Brendan Fraiser as Gilgamesh Jackson Karm

One of the Karm Gatekeepers and cousin to Duchess Lilith Karm, he was adopted by the Windchaser Clan when his father, Prince Gerard , adopted Elijah and Saul Windchaser as a sort of fraternal exchange program.

Gilgamesh is known as a monster hunter, a straight talker, and a flirt.
All three of these traits tend to be a constant source of trouble.
Also, he's currently engaged to Emma Feldane.

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