The history of the Weir is a muddled thing, even those who have lived through certain parts of it unable to agree on the details. And while stories differ from Clan to Clan, all speak of a time when the Weir were a greater thing then what they are now, a glorious past where they ruled from grand castles. What is for certain, however, is that the Weir attacked Amber twice in memory and both times they failed. The first was under the Great Warleader, and while the attempt was a failed one, the Weir managed to hide, to go to ground and not be found; a victory in itself.

The second attempt was under the leadership of the Stardancer, a name that is no longer spoken. While he claimed to be a god, he fell at the blade of Prince Eric of Amber on the battlefield. The last war was a thing of great tragedy for the Weir, not only in that it broke the faith in the gods that many of the packs had, but also in that entire packs were brought to extinction at the hands of the armies of Amber. Or so everyone believes…

Among each of the packs there is a version of an origins myth told. The details vary from pack to pack, and the significance it holds for each person is individualized. Some take it as only the first time someone has claimed mastery over the Weir and left them alone - a reason to seek independence. Others take it as the first time the Weir betrayed their masters, and so should seek absolution. Still others seem to think it only a matter of legend and ultimately nothing more than a pretty story. Any way you want to take it, the legend can be found here and is known, in some form, by anyone with GL-Weir/3.

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