It's a generally accepted tale that the Icemanes are descended from the first Warleader, who held the Weir united in times of legend. They certainly live up to this origin story. Where the Moonsongs are the most dominant Clan, the Icemanes are only a step behind them. The two fill vastly different roles, however. Where Clan Moonsong are the arbitrators and justicars of the Weir, Clan Icemane provide its finest warriors and military leadership. And with that comes a fierce loyalty to the Regency, and the Regent.

The Icemanes, and those packs that claim fealty to them, are steeped in tradition and highly regimented. There are dark sides to the Clan's reputation, however. Stories speak of madness taking hold in many of them as they age, and a lust for blood and battle that is unnatural even for Weir. Perhaps more concerning are the stories that the Clan practices a form of ancestor worship, attempting to gain qualities of great warriors of previous generations both by emulating them and by other, darker, practices.

The Clan seem likely to face a crossroads soon, with the current Alpha having embraced Amber and her ways. Some allege he is more human than Weir, while others claim he has made the Amber's royals the focus of his own version of his Clan's warrior veneration. Despite all of this, Kazimir has held his place from multiple challengers and the Clan seem just as militaristic and battle-hungry as they have ever been.

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