Weirmonken: Regency to Freedom

Weirmonken is a shadow near to Amber, tucked in near Arden. It was ruled over with a regency for nearly 300 years rather than allied with by Golden Circle treaty, but was recently granted independence, with Regent Emrys replaced by Ulfrike (King) Niklas.
It is a shadow ingrained in the memories of many in Amber, though truly known by few. What anyone can tell you is that the Weir are shapeshifters, able to switch between wolf and man. Most will tell you they are little more than barbarians, once subjugated by Oberon and granted to Eric as his own. Others speak of a complex nature culture with sophisticated aspects based on living in a land full of nightmares. What is readily apparent, however, is that the land tends to have a gloomy beauty, the people dress in dark or drab colors, and those in power stay there through what seem to be brutal means.

Twice in the history of Amber, the Weir have been fought off. After the most recent invasion, some three hundred years ago, the shadow was conquered and granted to Eric as a Regency. Eric is now viewed as something of a god by many…whether to be worshiped or reviled depends on the individual.

When Eric disappeared, however, Amber had granted the Regency to Prince Emrys Moonsong, Eric's son. Emrys ruled for a time, and briefly Julian, before the position of Regent was once again returned to Emrys. And then, Emrys was lost in the search for his father, and Weirmonken was without true leadership once more. Recently, however, it was freed from the rule of Amber by King Benedict and became a nation in its own right, lead by Niklas as Ulfrike.

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