Jaeger Ingense
Jaeger's Vitals
Name: Jaeger
Pack: Moonsong
Rank: Hunter
Temperament: Gruff, Direct, and Intolerant.
Themesong: .
Jaeger as Jaeger Ingese

The reclusive Jaeger is a hunter, a soldier, a self-proclaimed son of Eric, the older brother to Tristan and Emrys, and the mate of Nagafuji Bijin. He can most easily be found haunting the wilds of Arden with the occasional sighting at his villa in Amber or carousing in Weirmonken. His manner could be generously termed direct, though others more often label it tactless or even rude, and the urges of the Wild are said to be more pronounced in him than is the norm even amongst the Weir.

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