Jaymesin's Vitals
Name: Jaymesin
Pack: Shadowdancer
Rank: Blooded
Temperament: Predator
Themesong: {$Themesong}
Ralph Fiennes as Jaymesin Shadowdancer

Jaymesin was born to a Shadowdancer female of the Warpack, but accidents happen, and when he was still young they vanished in Amber City. He was found and taken in by one of the underworld groups, who raised him and trained him according to their own lights. He discovered that his father was Prince Eric of Amber, and began to try and find out just what that meant.

Having walked the Pattern and accepted the consequences, Jaymesin is now learning precisely what those consequences are. He's still encountered just a few Weir, but rumours of the large black wolf with royal blood are spreading.

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