Kaspar Moonsong
Kaspar's Vitals
Name: Kaspar
Pack: Moonsong
Rank: Alpha
Temperament: Grumbly
Themesong: Li'l Red Riding Good - Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs
Henry Cavill as Kaspar Moonsong

Kaspar Moonsong has been a quiet, steady presence in the Moonsong pack for several centuries. He is the rock in the storm, having always been slow to say his piece, making sure each word had meaning. He was inside the Silverspire when the Sundering of Weirmonken occurred and had not been seen since that time. Recently, Rae brought the missing Moonsong back to Weirmonken where he has spent time picking up the pieces of his clan and putting them back together, reluctantly taking on the mantle of Alpha.

With the disappearance of Niklas, Kaspar has stepped into the role of Ulfric. He continues to claim Misen as his seat.

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