Kazimir Icemane
Kazimir's Vitals
Name: Kazimir
Pack: Icemane
Rank: Alpha, Vicar, Castellan of Schenn
Temperament: Regal
Themesong: Winterborn - The Cruxshadows
Orlando Bloom as Kazimir Icemane

Lord Kazimir Icemane of Weirmonken, Alpha and leader of his own pack, is known to be a fierce warrior, having defeated many who have attempted to take his place as Alpha. He has a love for Amberite Society and Propriety, which many mistake for softness. He arrrived to assist in the war against the Black Road, and commanded the Warpack for some time.

Kazimir was given the title of Vicar of the Western Marches, Castellan of Schenn by Emrys for his services in the war against the Black Road. It was shortly after this time that Kazimir faded out of the public eye for most of the Weir, turning his attention to Schenn and strengthening the fortress there. For nearly two years, the Alpha has not been seen by any aside from those of his Clan.

There are other whispers that surround Kazimir, now, as well. With the loss of Emrys, many say that it leaves Kazimir one of, if not the, oldest living Weir currently known.

Recently, however, it seems there is a large amount of movement within the icy fortress. The Icemanes, some whisper, are going to be heard once more.

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