Kirra's Vitals
Name: Kirra
Pack: Formerly Moonsong
Rank: Healer and Mandrake-Trained Doctor / Royal Physician
Temperament: Quiet, intent, yet playful once she opens up
Themesong: Looking for one
Megan Fox as Just Kirra these days…

Raised within the wood, Kirra lived with her mother, Nyrssa, the local wise woman in the area. With the knowledge of folk remedies, she often served the local Weirs as a medicine woman. Old age would eventually claim her, helped by a sickness that would not leave her be. After two weeks, Nyrssa would not wake one morning. Kirra had been trained in simple healing techniques taught to her by her mother, who was also knowledgeable in herbs and remedies.

Plagued by a sudden mix of dreams, Kirra was led to Silverspire to speak with the Alpha, Emrys. Driven down a path by these visions, Kirra accepted the chance to go to Amber to train with House Mandrake so that she might add to her healing abilities, and learn the Mandrake way of healing.

Life has changed for her, and in some ways, it's been good. In others, the changes have brought about heartache. Where she will end up, is anyone's guess. Rumors are that recently, she's joined House Mandrake fully along with gaining her doctor's degree. This turn against her Weirmonken roots while joining the House, has left some to wonder about her.

Kirra was Claimed in Weir tradition by the Dragon General of Mandrake, Shane de'Mandrake. He managed to Hunt her down, and the pair are now Mated. Within a month afterwards, the pair was married in Amber tradition as well, before the priest of the Unicorn. She has given birth to a son, Keiran Adran DeMandrake, who shows signs of inheriting his mother's Weir blood.

The family lives at Mandrake Manor in Amber, though Kirra once could be found around Weirmonken where she was overseeing details to do with St. Arsbury, a Mandrake holding there, until the House was thrown out, and their claim to the Holding was revolved by those in charge. About the same time, the new Moonsong Alpha, Kasper, decided that she did not have what it took to belong to the Clan, and turned her out of it. Beyond that, she was named Royal Physician under Regent Benedict, a title she continues to hold under Regent Bleys, along with that of Court Trump Artist.

Recent rumors, however, have her moving out of Mandrake House with her sons. While she might be seen about the palace, still fulfilling her duty as Royal Physician, she can also be found around the Lower City, tending to those who do not wish to go to Mandrake Hospital or other more prominent Doctors. Where her sons are, are unknown, though they don't seem to be with her at the palace. What exactly has happened, is anyone's guess these days.

Human Description
Hazel eyes fringed by thick lashes are set into the strong features of a square-jawed face that bears arched eyebrows, a rather Romanesque nose and pouty lips of a dusky rose. Skin is tanned, warm and golden, smooth and unblemished. Brunette takes on a vibrant life in the hair that graces her head - rich walnut, loamy brown, and a spark of red all streaked together, each color blending into the next where it hangs down her back in a tumble of curls when not worn up. She is of average height, but her well-curved and muscled self is solidly built. Despite her seeming brawn, she is surprisingly light on her feet, showing a grace and agility that seems to come naturally. She appears somewhere's in her twenties, exact age hard to tell. Upon her ring finger on her left hand, is worn an intriguing engagement ring.

Wolf Description
Amber eyes shine with a strange intelligence from within tawny fur marked heavily by cinnamon. Slim muzzle and ears are dusted with black and grey that sprinkles across her back and down to her tail, it's tip dipped wholly in ebon. Slender of chest, her form narrows towards her hindquarters, length of legs ending in delicate paws; form etched with a quiet grace and elegance. This female wolf stands about 40 inches at the shoulder, weighing just over 100 lbs.

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