Saved for historical documentation. Weirmonken is now an independent entity.

Dear Prince Emrys, Regent:

That is actually a legal question that came up during Corwin's very short reign as King. As I understand the current ruling, Weirmonken is a stand-alone protectorate beneath the Crown and currently administrated by an appointee of the Amber Crown. However, that does not make citizens of Weirmonken Amber Kingdom Subjects. They are citizens of Weirmonken and are subject to Amber Law within the Kingdom in so much as the Kingdom sees to any non-citizen, but also means any rights as Kingdom Subject are not automatically extended. Citizens of Weirmonken are under their own system of jurisprudence for the sake of administration of the protectorate.

I do hope that answers the question.

Addison C. Dare Feldane, Esq.

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