Mating Ritual

Among the Weir the mating ritual is one of the more sacred. It symbolizes much that the Weir are about - life, strength and pack life. Many from the outside world have viewed this ritual as just another case of Weir barbarism.

Reflecting the male dominated society, the mating ritual begins when a male wolf claims his interest in a female to be a Mate. The words used for this vary from pack to pack, but that's the essence of it. The female can either accept, or convince another male that he'd make a better mate for her and thus the males will fight over the right.

The time between the Claim and the Hunt varies, but it is usually two week's time. Time enough for any challengers to make themselves known, and for the celebration to be prepared for.

Assuming the female accepts, she is taken aside to a special place where her closest packmates paint elaborate and ritual designs across her skin. She becomes, in essence, a monument to life and fertility. At dusk, the female is presented at the center of the pack's lands where the hunt begins. An hour's head start is given, before the male gives chase. The male must prove his worth by hunting the female through the dark woods of Weirmonken, in wolf or human form, and show his strength by capturing her. Should all work out, the pair will mate where the capture takes place and begin their lives as a bonded pair.

Should the male fail to capture his mate by sunrise, he is forbidden to try to take a mate before a year and a day has passed.

An OOC note on the Mating Ritual

Since it's come up in game a few times, we'll put the clarification here: It is only -males- that have the right to declare their Claim and Challenge. It is simply not done by women, and if a woman did Challenge? She'd be treated as her pack saw fit. As for the actual Challenging— traditionally it is only done by those that want the female as an actual Mate. Not to stop a union just for giggles. This is a sacred rite, taken very seriously. Once in a blue moon, a member of the female's pack will Challenge if they dislike their potential Mate, and fight for the right to keep what is theirs. But this is very uncommon.

And an OOC note on Mates
Weir Mate for life, more often than not. Nine times out of ten, a Weir Divorce is also a funeral. Taking a Mate, for these reasons, is not something done lightly. It ties not only the two together, but also their packs to some extent. Also, Weir are fiercely loyal creatures. This extends to their love/romance/sexlife. Cheating while Mated is something seriously frowned upon, especially by the Elder, more traditional Weir.

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