Moonfall is the term Weir use for a New Moon. The Moonfall clan was dominated by black (or sable) hair, sometimes with silver or pale highlights. Skin was pale. They usually looked very intense, and had pale eyes.

They were the "noble tricksters," not prone to practical jokes. They were clever ones, who used cunning to augment their feral nature. (The feral side was strong, as well…while the trait here that allows someone to suppress that side of them makes them appear weak to other clans, it was downright disdained and ridiculed with Moonfall.) Yet the cleverness granted a civilized aspect to them, a strange duality. The cleverness was a quick-on-your-feet thing…they were not, overall, long-term schemers. But Moonfall grudges were legendary, as was the the viciousness of their retaliation.

They could supposedly change into a half-wolf monster form (the current werewolf monster form, not the classic wolfman).

The Moonfall pack was believed to have been wiped out in the last war with Amber, but slowly, a few have come out of the forest claiming to be of the fallen clan. No one is sure why Eric hunted the clan to near extinction, but there are plenty of theories, anything to a love who scorned Eric to a grand plan to defeat Amber to the thread of their dark magics.

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