Niamh Shadowdancer
Niamh's Vitals
Name: Niamh
Pack: Shadowdancer
Rank: Court Artist
Temperament: Bouncy
Themesong: Aquarius : Within Temptation
Elisha Cuthbert as Niamh Shadowdancer

Niamh is the daughter of Emrys and the goddess Asa, and could be considered something of an interesting character, if one was fond of hyperactive puppies that love talking about shoes and boys. She's also apparently joined the Royal Navy, which is odd…for she grew up in the forests of Arden with her mother, and had never before set foot on a ship before arriving in the city. One thing can be said for her though, she's both friendly and fiercely loyal to people she collects into her personal puppy pack. Some might not like being part of her puppy pack, for that includes numerous pounces and sometimes very uncomfortable questions for Elder Weir.

She has recently become mated to Niklas Shadowdancer and has since given birth to twins. Since 'growing up', she's seemed to calm down some. Still most often bright and bubbly, she's been seen having more serious moments. Not only that, but she's been seen more often in the company of her great aunts and great uncles since moving into the palace in Amber. Must be part of being a court artist.



A small female, could, and would, qualify as the runt of the litter. With Niklas' coming and going, Nia's been frequently found with this little creature as a companion. It's unclear why she's taken the puppy in, but she has, even though the pack she's from is local. Other than Puppy, the wolf doesn't seem to have a name. If asked, Nia simply says the pup hasn't felt like telling her yet.

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