Niklas Shadowdancer
Niklas's Vitals
Name: Niklas
Pack: Shadowdancer
Rank: Ulfrike
Temperament: Barbarian King
Themesong: TBD
Joe Manganiello as Niklas

Niklas is the eldest son of Izaak and Gisela and the older brother of Rae and Alander. When Niklas was young it was realized that he didn't possess the mental prowess that Shadowdancers are commonly known for. The young weir was sent, then, to train with Adelgar and the Bloodclaw pack. It wasn't long before his skills were noticed and he was chosen to be a member of the Argus Sarcina, the Regent's personal guard. He even spent some time as Eric's personal Argus.

Some minor rumors have begun to spread that he's learned the Ritual of the Hunt but rumors tend to be rumors.

When the Weir were granted their freedom from Amber by Benedict Niklas was named the first official Ulfrike in centuries.

He's recently returned after having been missing for several years.

Human Description
A mountain of a man he stands a few inches taller than six feet. His shoulders are broad, his chest barreled. Thick hair is cut into a tribal warrior's mohawk. Narrowed eyes of a deep yellow color observe his surroundings critically. The left bears three thick scars at a parallel diagonal as if clawed by some beast. Teeth are often shown through a sneer, his incisors just bit longer than average for a human being.

Wolf Description
As wolves go this one is larger than average. At the shoulder he stands almost four feet tall. Thick muscle ripples beneath his red, gray and white fur. Large, pointed teeth fill his square maw where it protrudes just below the glare of his sharp, yellow eyes.

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