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Emrys has not lead the Weir with the iron fist his father did, nor by treating the Weir constantly like his own personal hunting dogs. In order to make the Weir feel like they had a stake in their own governance, he took what opportunities presented themselves and elevated some Weir into their own form of nobility, recognizing their service to the Weir and to the Regency. This was done with the permission of King Corwin of Amber, with the stipulation that no one ever have a chance to confuse the Weir titles with those of Amber.

The Ranks of Peerage

  • Ulfrike A new title, it is the Weir equal of 'King'. Niklas Shadowdancer is the first Ulfrike of Weirmonken, and remains unchallenged.
  • Regent Appointed by Amber during its rule of Weirmonken, the title was given to Emrys after the disappearance of his father, Prince Eric.
  • Viscount In matters of peerage, the Viscount is the highest ranking peer in Weirmonken. To date, this has only been granted to Rae.
  • Vicar A vicar ranks beneath a viscount and is given a more military posting than one of just governing land. Kazimir currently holds this title.
  • Burgrave This is the most junior of the actual peers, and includes governance over a single village or small area. Arianne was Burgrave of Misen, but since her disappearance, the title has been taken, and it seems that Misen will become the new seat of Weirmonken.

Other Ranks and Titles

  • Seneschal The Seneschal runs the government and relations with the Outside. She is outranked by the Ulfrike, who is the true head, and treads lightly with the Alphas is she knows what's good for the government, but she is essentially the Right Hand of the King.
  • Bevollmächtigte(r) Plenipotentiary of Weirmonken. In short, it is a person that is fully authorized to make decisions on behalf of the Ulfrike, and Weirmonken.
  • Berater This person is a recognized advisor for the Ulfrike of Weirmonken, at a high level. They are afforded greater access to the Silverspire (or were, when it still stood) and its resources, and the restrictions placed upon their travel are very few indeed. Where applicable inside Weirmonken they may assert their connection to the Ulfrike as proof of their right to interfere. This award comes in the form of a signet ring - onyx with a silver wolf's head imprinted.
  • Jurist This character is entrusted by the Ulfrike of Weirmonken to perform the duties of a Jurist. Proclaimed a person of knowledge on law (as well as tradition), the bearer of this award (which ICly takes the form of a bronze seal depicting one wolf holding the other in submission), is entitled to enforce all laws and traditions relevant to Weirmonken. They are empowered to act as judges, and can assemble groups to act as law enforcement when required.
  • Erinnerung Literally translated, Erinnerung means 'reminder'. The Erinnerung is responsible for the keeping of stories, histories, and tales of Weirmonken.
  • Erganzung The person bearing this award is an Erganzung of the Regent of Weirmonken, signified by a ring of platinum and onyx. The Erganzung is empowered by the Regent to act in his/her stead in all matters where the Regent is not present or has not claimed a personal interest. If the Regent is unavailable, the Erganzung will stand in for him/her on all matters pertaining to the Regency of Weirmonken. (Defunct)1
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