Pack Structure

The Weir tend to be creatures of the pack, given to living and working together to overcome the obstacles they face in their life. Every Weir knows that the pack is greater than any single member in it. Because of this, the needs of the pack are frequently put before the needs of the individual, and even the Alpha Primes are not immune to this.

Packs are often organized with an Alpha (Alpha Prime) leading them. A single leader to whip the pack into proper shape and lead its hunts. The Alpha is responsible for the well being of all that are in his pack, from the bitterest rival to the most lowly beta. The word of an Alpha is law in his territory, and defiance is dealt with brutality. Alphas take their position through combat; the strongest will lead.

Beneath the Alpha, and yet also overruling the alpha if they agree to do so, are the Elders. They are honored for their long life and the wisdom it supposedly brings. The elders are comprised of those alphas (note the lower case) that have lived too long to participate in combat, but are honored for having survived that long at all. They contain the traditions of their clan, the stories and history, and can overrule the Alpha if they think his way is wrong. This is rarely done, as even Elders are known to meet violent ends.

Next come the alphas. This pool of men and women have been born with a desire and strength to lead their clans. They may fight among themselves, but in the end bow to the strongest. These are the leaders of a given people in any given day, enforcers of the will of the Alpha Prime. And sometimes, his rivals.

Betas are often thought of as being the majority of a pack. Betas are not weak, by any means, but they lack the drive and strength of an alpha, and usually lack the desire to lead.

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