Rae Shadowdancer
Rae's Vitals
Name: Rae
Pack: Shadowdancer
Rank: Viscountess of Blukhav; Erinnerung.
Temperament: Just a little crazy.
Themesong: Veteran of the Psychic Wars - Blue Oyster Cult
Alyssa Milano as Rae Franziska Shadowdancer

Once known for having been the Fool of Adelgar for nearly a decade, Rae soon became known to be much more than the simple harlequin she claimed to be. She was the most trusted confidante of Emrys, his clever right hand, and gained the title Viscountess of Blukhav during his regency. Her father is Izaak, leader of the Shadowdancer Clan, and her brother Niklas is the first Ulfrike of Weirmonken in living memory. She has fought with and even lead the Warpack, and has gained the respect of many in her short lifetime.

Some say she's a bit off, even for a Shadowdancer; going mad from visions and shadows that haunt her. It's also no secret that she has been marked by the Black Road, though she does not embrace it, fighting tooth and claw against the darkness.

She is often accompanied by Raginmund, or her aserbe Marrok. Or Kazimir Icemane, the poor man.

For the past few years, she's been missing, disappearing without warning. Some whisper now that she and Kazimir have been trapped in a realm other than Weirmonken, and her brother Niklas is amassing a force to drag her back home.


Gerard rumbles, "This woman here," and he nods to Rae, "is exactly as harmful as rainbows and daffodils. She has the toothsome growl of a wet puppy dog and the diabolical cunning of a butterfly."

"Then I will go spinning mischief
Until the moon is up,
And I will go pouring wisdom
Into your dreamer's cup.
Come along, we haven't long
Before the night is through,
And I have much to steal away
And much to give to you."

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