The Ritual of the Hunt

Some say it was handed down by the gods. Others say it was the working of a mad Weir mystic who desired the power of the Amberites. Others, still, claim it's just legend. A story devised to entertain and frighten. Either way the Ritual of the Hunt is a mysterious and mythic thing.

Legend says that a Weir huntsman is able to steal the power of his prey if he knows the ritual. The fiery breath of a dragon. A body of flame like the phoenix. Some old stories even say you could steal the power of the gods if you were able to kill one. All you had to do was consume the thing's heart. It is said that by consuming the prey's heart you're imbibing its very soul and making all that it was a part of yourself.1

Some of the older Weir who believe the legend fear it. They claim it drives the huntsmen who seek it mad. Some even claim to have relatives who have tried it. Others disregard it as mere fantasy - a children's story. Perhaps strengthening the idea that it's a children's story you can find masked children running around and hunting each other to act out the ritual at the Blood Harvest.

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