Sadie Frost
Sadera "Sadie" Frost's Vitals
Name: Sadera "Sadie" Frost
Pack: "Frost" is not a packname, so that's likely an affectation. One of the last of the Moonfalls.
Rank: Seneschal and Head Jurist
Temperament: Runs the gambit from friendly and sociable to Femme Fatale, depending on her "mode."
Themesong: Meredith Brooks, "Bitch."
Eva Green as Sadera Moonfall

The Seneschal has more rumours than facts attached to her. Some say she blackmailed Emrys into her positions, and then Niklas. Some say she used the mystical witchery the Moonfalls were supposed to posses.

Once thing is for certain…she's one of the few in Weirmonken with the grace and poise to pull off dealing with Outsiders. Other rumors have her doing public relations work for some of the more notorious figures out there, such as Prince Dalt of Lyonesse and even Prince Caine of Amber.

Wherever the truth lies, the only solid fact is that the Seneschal looks after the body and mind of Weirmonken while the Ulfrike looks after the soul.

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