Sevastian Icemane
Sevastian's Vitals
Name: Sevastian
Pack: Icemane
Rank: Blooded
Temperament: Homicidal
Themesong: tbd
Luke Goss as Sevastian Icemane

Younger brother to Kazimir, Sevastian is best described as a Weir with a hatred for Amber and its ways. Like his father before him, who died in the second war against Amber, Sevastian is a prime example of the battlelust the Icemane clan is known for. There is much speculation that one day, he will challenge his brother for the right to lead their clan.

During the Black Road War in Weirmonken, Sevastian was seen to be an ally of the Stardancer. And while believed dead, his heart given to Emrys by the party that he sent after the Icemane, many tricks and illusions were employed during that time…

Sevastian's daughter is Sorcha, who at least seems much more sane than he.

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