The Shadowdancer pack is one that has long been cloaked in legend and rumor. Some say they know the secrets that the night wind whispers, that they talk to the moon itself. They hold strange magics, and guard against creatures that they not dare speak of aloud.

Whispers come from the other packs that the Shadowdancers were once the Stardancer's, a name none speak any more. And while other packs have turned their backs on the gods and the old ways, the Dancers keep their practices alive. They are mystics and seers, and the burdens of their gifts often drive the Elders to madness. For some, it happens much too early.

While once, not too long ago, the Shadowdancers were seen as a clan that heavily relied upon the assistance of the Bloodclaws, the recent past has brought them to light as a pack with strengths of its own. Strengths, and a growing reach, with the naming of Niklas, eldest son of Izaak, as Ulfike of Weirmonken.

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