The Silverspire

Constructed of a smooth grey stone - polished like marble, but
resilient like granite - this castle is composed of dozens of towers
capped with sharp silver spires from which the name is derived. There
are hundreds of chambers and some unknown number of hallways that all
connect in a fashion that seems utterly nonsensical yet at the same
time suggests a method of organization just beyond understanding. It
has successfully resisted mapping, and the story goes that it is
possible to get lost within its halls never to be seen again. Still,
there are always those willing to explore, if only in pursuit of the
rumors of undiscovered chambers filled with ancient treasures.

The Silverspire was the heart of the Regency in Weirmonken. It was stolen back from the forest, where it had sat dormant and thought empty for centuries, by Eric when he came. Now it is full of life, but no less mysterious. The castle is filled with many from the various clans, and a good number of the lower servants are human. Sadie served as the Seneschal.

Recent events (see Tearing Things Apart) in Weirmonken have resulted not only in a change of the shadow, but also the disappearance of the Silverspire. In its place resides a crater, which is slowly becoming a lake as the snow of winter melts away.

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