The Stardancer

Little is known of the Stardancer, save for whispers and legends, most of them conflicting. He set himself up as a god to the Weir, and lead them into their second battle with Amber. God or Weir or something else, he fell at Eric's hand and met true death—as did many other Weir, and the hopes and faith of the dark Shadow.

Whispers have grown, however, that the Stardancer has returned and is gaining an army of followers once more. The Starscreamer pack has come out of hiding, spreading the word both vocally and with terror. It is said that Tyrus Icemane, once faithful second to Kazimir, leads his armies. Also at his side is Sevastian Icemane, Kazimir's younger, blood-thirsty brother.

OOC: Any plots involving the Stardancer must be cleared with Rae and Emrys, as he is a propco plot device.

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