Emrys's voice raises a little, carrying over the drumbeats. "For most of the year, the Weir prowl the night. They are the terrors of this world and others, frightening even the nightmares that stand against them. But on this, the Summer Solstice, we take our break, we give our thanks, we celebrate the rites of summer." He grins. "Eat well, drink well, live well. Tomorrow, we hunt the Golden Stag."

The Summer Festival of Weirmonken is a celebration of life that lasts for, at the least, three nights. Much alcohol flows, and in those days and nights a side of the Weir is shown that does not often come out. They are joyous instead of dark, and the spirits of the forest seem to give them a reprieve. It is an open celebration of the old ways of Weirmonken, a time before gods were shunned as just another kind of prey. There are rituals involving fertility, the rarely seen sun, and life.

Under the rule of Eric, the celebrations still continued, but were much quieter, held by the packs without much mingling. But since Emrys took the Regency, parties have begun to be held in the Great Hall of the Silverspire once more, and Weir from various packs come to join in the festivities.

The second day of the festival is open to the blooded Weir only, while other festivities are, for the most part, open to visitors and those brought in as Mates. At the first faint light of dawn, the Weir gather and wash their faces with the morning dew, cleansing themselves in preparation for the Hunt. A Golden Stag is set upon by each pack, and the woods are alive with the songs of the hunt. It is a beautiful, and fearsome, event.

One common practice of the final night of the Solstice celebration is the Coming of Summer. Painted as the seasons, temporarily filled with the wild magic of Weirmonken, a group of four, with a fifth to symbolize the moon, mingle throughout the celebrators. The Summer Queen is then given the first chalice of summer mead and drinks of it. She offers a blessing, and another in the form of a kiss to the Regent and whatever Alpha Primes might be gathered, before all others are also given the mead to share in a toast and a wish for the strengthening of Weirmonken.

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