Taleyn Feldane
Taleyn's Vitals
Name: Taleyn
Pack: Feldane
Rank: Knight of Amber, Heir of Feldane
Temperament: Cuddly and Fierce
Themesong: Little Bird : Annie Lennox
Keira Knightly as Taleyn Illura Feldane

Taleyn Illura Feldane was the youngest child and only daughter of Duchess Irene Feldane and Duke Basil Dare— until last year, when Irene gave birth to another daughter. Any feelings of jealousy Taleyn might have felt were firmly squashed under the weight of unexpectedly being made Heir to the Duchy. Anyone who might have thought being Heir meant wild parties, a huge allowance, and nonstop spoiling has clearly never met Irene and Basil, to whom it means a load of work, no actual power, and the same monthly pittance Taleyn has been given for candy money since childhood. The extra work of Heirdom might not be so difficult, if she weren't also Captain of the First Platoon of the elite Defenders of Kolvir, and constantly volunteering for extra missions with Prince Benedict in her off-duty time.

Her history with the Weir is almost as long as her military career. As a lowly Ensign in Amber's army, she singlehandedly attacked Adelgar Bloodclaw, thinking she was coming to Prince Benedict's rescue. True, she completely misunderstood the situation, and true, the Alpha would have utterly slaughtered her had he not simply stared at her as if she were a lunatic— but her heart was in the right place, and Benedict knighted her for bravery on the spot, while the bemused Adelgar watched. This was the beginning of a fast friendship beween the Alpha and the Feldane, the first of many Weir friendships Taleyn would come to treasure. Kazimir and Rae have both talked about adopting her, Jaeger keeps threatening to marry her off to his younger brother, and she herself once got engaged to one of Emrys's sons.

Some say all Feldanes are mad. Some say Taleyn is a clear exception. Other Feldanes, especially her older brother Addison, say she's sane because she's such a lousy necromancer. Still others say she is obviously out of her mind because no sane person could be that cheerful all the flipping time.

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