Theophrastus de'Mandrake
Theo's Vitals
Name: Theo
Pack: Moonsong-Associated
Rank: The Dragon
Temperament: Stoic
Themesong: Nemesis : VNV Nation
Ewan McGregor as Theophrastus Lorenzo Salvatore de'Mandrake

Theophrastus, Theo to just about everyone, is the younger brother of Duchess Lucretia de'Mandrake. His wife Quina, formerly of House Chantris, was already known to Weirmonken before he began visiting, but now he seems to spend more time in Weirmonken than she does. He once claimed the title of Dragon, an ancient Mandrake title for their military leader, but there are signs that it's more than that.

Rare for non-Weir, he seems to take to Weirmonken well, perfectly happy to test himself against the monsters of the forest either alone or with hunters. He has been seen scouting the old site of St. Arsbury, and speaking to interested parties about efforts to reclaim it from the forest.

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