Fair Warning

The Weir are a primal, dangerous race. Loyalty is bred into them, as is ferocity. We are creations of breeding and our environment—a place of darkness and nightmare creatures. We are the boogey men of these nightmares. We fight, and we hunt, and we keep vigil over the forest. Some of us hunt the humans. Others protect them. Some of us have learned that to follow a god is to be a play thing, while others remember and keep the secrets of what we believe to be divine. Some of us see Eric as a savior, a man that pulled us out of dark ways. Others hold the name of the Stardancer in their heart and long for the old days, before even the Dancer, but the true Warleader, when we hunted as one pack and the ground trembled at our passing. We are primal, wild; something not quite human or beast.

Weirmonken is a culture of old traditions, and not one that is very tolerant of deviance. It is a violent culture, and those who stand athwart the old ways are likely to be put in their place with a zeal that others might see as brutal. When considering a Weir character, keep this in mind - social deviance and violent IC conflict are likely to go hand in hand. If this makes you uncomfortable, you may wish to consider alternative concepts.

Also note: The players of Weirmonken are generally friendly, helpful people. However, the themes and feel of the characters and IC setting do tend to color the flavor of exchanges on the Weir chat channel.

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