The Warpack is the name given to the combined forces of the many clans that have come to Amber to aid in the battle against the Black Road. Originally headed by Adelgar Bloodclaw, leadership seemed to change over to Rae Shadowdancer when Adelgar left Amber to deal with matters back in Weirmonken. Leadership changed over to Kazimir Icemane for a time, but has since been returned to the slightly reluctant Rae.

The Warpack has fought in many battles, and while casualties do happen their ability to heal most wounds has certainly proven to be an advantage. Alongside Prince Benedict's men, and warriors from other shadows, the Weir in the Warpack fight seemingly tirelessly, ready to face whatever creatures the Black Road throws at it.

The Warpack has been recently disbanded, apparently under the orders of Rae.


Kazimir Icemane
Rae Shadowdancer
Zane Icemane

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