As many of you have seen, there is an Alpha Male gift that can be taken by those with Weir Blood. Taking this gift gives one a certain standing within Weir society. Alpha Males are the default leaders of the Weir. They tend to be bigger/stronger/smarter/more dangerous than the average Weir. However, let's remember that WEI-AM is just saying that someone has the potential to be a leader in the Weir. It takes more than just being a badass to lead people.

Now, some Weir are true Alphas, leaders of the Weir (Alpha Primes). These are people who command their packs or certain special groups. They have earned their place at the top of the dog heap and should be regarded as such. These people (Kazimir, Adelgar, etc) are held in high regard from a lot of the Weir. I'm not saying you have to, just be aware that if a fight comes out, they'll likely have some good backing. And if they catch another Weir doing something they think is wrong, they're likely to drill a harsh lesson into that person IC.


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