The Windchasers are considered a dead pack with no known members surviving. This information is listed here only for OOC Bookkeeping.

It is difficult to separate fact from myth. Windchaser myths give many different reasons for why they are outcast. They say that Nature herself will not step in the way of a Windchaser. She allows them liberties no one else has. They are known to be friendly to Amber men and Women and intermingle.

They have men and women who run with their pack who cannot shift but who possess strange feats of prowess and power that impress the elders.

Windchasers tend to be self-righteous as they inherently know the difference between right and wrong. They are extreme in their nature and will not back down once they have set their mind to something. They know what lurks out in the darkness and wilds of Weirmonken and protect the lands borders.

They are like cowboys but they are also protectors. They kill raiders and make sure that the things that lurk in the dark lands stay there. When they venture forward, they are tracking and take care of the nightmares never spoken of. Windchasers are guardians of innocence and light, they are silent legendary soldiers you never know when they will show up.
Their elders know how to tame the land to their will. They are all that stands between the dark side of nature and the people of Weirmonken. Some secrets are best left hidden.

One of the pack elders is Ellena's Uncle Stanley, a keeper of such secrets. He is well known for knowing more than he ever lets on.

Windchasers do not worship a god. They know that gods can't get things done but Windchasers can.

Since the full-scale assault on Weirmonken by the Black Road, the Windchaser Clan has been unheard of, and assumed to have been wiped out or nearly so. Recently the Regent declared the pack to be no more, presumably after making a tour of their lands and finding none left.

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Stan: Stan is the eldest member of the Windchaser pack. He adopted Ellena and brought her back to the pack without telling anyone about her dual bloodlines (her mother was from the Wynd family, now destroyed). He put together a pack of misfits and bound them together with morals and ethics that might be dubious at times but seem to work toward keeping back the darkness, moving constantly (chasing the wind) and adopting both humans and packless Weir into the pack. Anyone can challenge for a place in the Pack but they have to be deemed worthy. Despite being a Weir, Stan is a fair hand with making weapons—perhaps he has the talent and they go to the Weir who can't or won't shift (Eli). Also, he encourages the use of swords for range despite natural Weir abilities with Tooth and Claw. He is practical minded and disciplined and, while not always 'fair', more so than Weirmonken standards.

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