Winter Rite

The Winter Rite has been celebrated by the Weir since before they began committing their history to written word instead of the passed-down howling songs. And while the traditions have grown and changed with those that celebrate them, the core of them remains true — the celebration of life, pack and growing hope as the darkness lessens.

The Winter Rites are celebrated beneath the canopy of the trees and in the depths of the snowfields, fires burning and voices lifted in a great howl that resounds throughout the night. It is a time when pack comes together, when friends share warmth and exchange presents. It is also a time when, in more recent tradition, the leaders of the Clans join together in comradely, if only briefly.

The crowning event of the Winter Rites is the Great Hunt, in which the entire pack sets out in chase of a single prey, most often a white caribou or bear. Some clans whisper that the very essence of Weirmonken rides with them in the hunt, every shining thing and every shadowed monster. And, unlike in most hunts, the heart is split between all of the hunters, from Alpha to the lowly Omega, as a sign of the unity of the pack and a reminder that they are many pieces of one more complete whole.

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