Zane Icemane
Zane's Vitals
Name: Zane
Pack: Icemane
Rank: Fightmaster
Temperament: Calm
Themesong: The Tea Party - Heaven Coming Down
Paul Telfer as Zane Icemane

Zane has only recently arrived to join Kazimir's warpack. His claim is that he's there to fill the gap left by his father. When he's not hiding arrows in the forest for Niamh, meeting other Weir or hunting deer, he can be found napping on a couch.

Lately there hasn't been much time for hiding arrows but the occassional one still gets shot. Ask the Argus, Niklas if you dare.

The Seneschal Sadera appointed Zane as Fightmaster (until a proper one comes along) and he's been spending time learning the tricks of the trade from the smiths. Chances are good that if he's not in the Salle, he can be found in the forge working on one project or another.

These days the company he tends to keep is that of Faelin, the Huntress of the Spire.

Most recently he embarked on a quest through Weirmonken with Rae, Faelin and Danica to hunt down Sevastian and try to find his missing father. Although they found Sevastian, Tyrus's whereabouts are still a mystery to all.

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